Harwich and the ‘Christ-Bearer’ Pioneers who established America

Gods election of the two Harwich men who established America.

In 1607, Admiral Christopher Newport, led the Jamestown Expedition, the first settlement of North America.

In 1620, Christopher Jones led the Mayflower Expedition of the Separatist, Pilgrim Fathers.

Christopher means ‘Christ-Bearer’. Both men were raised in Harwich and attended St Nicholas Church, Harwich. Available parish records depict their family history. These were two extraordinary Christian hero pioneers. Visit their church and hear how the origins of American civilisation poured forth from the 11th Century family baptismal font.

A day of walking, talking and prayerful seminars and site explorations.

We will walk you through the atmosphere of Harwich Arts Quarter and visit the House Museum home of Christopher Jones. Experience English traditional hospitality in the former Merchant House of Jones’ wife Josian, now a quintessential English Pub, The Alma Inn.

Prayerful Bible engagement will reveal the hidden significance of these moves of God to the New World 400 years ago.

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  • 10:00 - Morning Seminar
  • 13:00 - Luncheon at the Alma
  • 18:00 - Waterside evening meal at Harwich Quay. The waters of the Mayflower

Trip Duration

1 day


Accomodation available on request


Lunch and Dinner


Morning Seminar

A morning seminar will contextualise, in the foundations of Christian Heritage, the clear links between the Roman and Judeo Traditions and how they were expressed through these two expeditions to the ‘New World’. The contemporary legacies the two expeditions instigated are exposed in their richness.


Luncheon at The Alma Public House.

Followed by a visit to the home of Christopher Jones, Master of the Mayflower.

Seminar – The character and leadership of Newport and Jones – Expounding Romans 13 in context.


Waterside Evening meal at Harwich Quay. The waters of Mayflower.

Optional Evening Seminar

  • An extrapolation of The Holy Chutzpah which links America and United Kingdom with Zion.
  • Evidence of the movements of the Lost Tribes of Israel through the Gateways of Zion from Harwich and into America.
  • Positing this in Anglo-American Heritage – Mayflower and Jamestown and the forbearing legacies
  • Harwich and the Kindertransport inheritances contained in Genesis 12.3 and Genesis 12.17
Available from £38 pp meals not included

Book via telephone or email: