Colchester Britain’s first Capitol

The battle continued and the war was won. Establishing the worldwide Heritage of the Mayflower Pilgrim Fathers.

The home of Humpty-Dumpty, the cannon seated on the battlements during the English Civil War siege of Colchester between the Royalist and Puritan Armies.

Colchester is a cornucopia of Christian History. We will walk and talk you through the myths of Helena the Mother of Constantine the Great, Emperor Constantine’s radical transformation of the church and how the revolutionary 7th Century Celtic monk, Cedd, single handed battled against Rome.

Visit the original site of the first church in Great Britain and the ruins of St Botolph’s Priory where the Augustinian Order was established. Learn about the Puritans struggle, Charles Spurgeon’s conversion as a boy of 15 years and his Puritan views. There is also an opportunity to visit the chapel where this happened.

Available from £38 pp meals not included
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  • 10:00 - Breakfast
  • 13:00 - A Puritan Lunch - and a seige starvation experience!
  • 18:00 - Formal English evening dinner

Trip Duration

1 day


Accomodation available on request


Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner



Travel the scenic Stour Valley to Colchester, a cornucopia of Christian Heritage. Guests will be walked and talked through the incredible spiritual tapestry of this Roman Town:

  • The myths of Helena, the mother of Constantine the Great, and patron of Colchester
  • Constantine’s radical transformation of the church
  • The site of the first church building in UK
  • The ancient ruins of St Botolph’s Priory, the home of the Augustinian Movement
  • The Religious English civil war in Colchester and its world-wide consequences
  • The Reformation and Martyrs of Colchester

A Puritan Lunch – and a siege starvation experience!

  • Colchester’s adoption of Celtic Christian, St Cedd, perhaps the last bastion of The Church of Acts – how he stood against Rome.
  • The ‘Puritan’ in Charles Spurgeon and visiting the very church of his extraordinary conversion.

Formal English evening dinner

Available from £38 pp meals not included

Book via telephone or email: