The Font of all America

A Christian Spiritual Experience

Over twelve years of study, research and revelation are culminated in this seminar. A passion to embrace the work started by the courageous Pioneer Separatists of Mayflower is contextualised into the culture of the modern church. A short introductory film, Titled ‘1149 - Salvation Detective’ is available to watch under meet your host in the main menu. This gives an indication of the Spirit led journey of your host, former Detective, Tony Francis. During the seminars, historical facts are tested in light of new revelation. These affirm a fundamental truth that the origin of The United States of America and the contemporary church, can be centred to the Font at St Nicholas Church, Harwich, UK. Corroborating Biblical passages are applied to these new revelations. You are invited on this journey of extraordinary, God given, re-evaluation of Christian Heritage. This extract is taken from Nick Bunkers powerful book Making Haste From Babylon: The Mayflower Pilgrims and Their World Copyright - 2010 Nick Bunker. It is reproduced here, with kind permission of the author, as an advisory pre-read to Gateways of Zion Two Day Seminar ‘Unravelling The Font of All America’. Please be advised to read this extract in conjunction with Pauls letter to the Romans Chapter 11. Download the full PDF brochure Unravelling the Font of all America here, includes booking details.

Overview of the Seminar